How to Grow a Mustache: What to Prepare and Need


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Grow Mustache – So, you are thinking about having a mustache and you start wondering how to grow a mustache. Well, before starting your journey, you need to remember that it takes time, dedication, and patience to grow a mustache. And sometimes the result may not like the one you want. You probably want a Selleck, but you end up looking like Hulk Hogan and no matter how hard you try, your mustache doesn’t seem to work together with you. So, where should your journey start, anyway?

Mustache and Manliness: The Combo

You probably would agree if I say that mustache is somehow related to manliness and being masculine.

Take a look at those male Hollywood celebrities with the gift of the mustaches – some of them are even known for the mustache as it becomes their personal characteristics and style.

Tom Selleck from BJ and the Bear and Blue Blood, for instance, has maintained quite a good style over the years and he looks as charming as ever.

Clark Gable was also known for his pencil mustache and how women would swoon whenever he was around.

Or Sean Connery manages to look scruffy and somewhat messy, in a sexy-as-hell way that women even forget his real age.

These examples are serious examples of how mustache can look really good on you and how it can drastically change your sex appeal.

If you want to look like them, you need to start learning how to grow a mustache.

The Considerations

You need to remember that no good mustache will grow overnight. You need to be patient – sometimes you may even have to spend months before you can see the desired results. There are times when you will look ugly, and bad, and simply a total chaos because of the stubble and the beginning mustache but give it some time and your efforts will worth it. Don’t forget that you should also do some trimming. Yes, even before your mustache can really show its true character or shape, you need to have a regular routine of trimming so the end result will look good. Just like the bonsai, you need to trim here and there a little before you can see the real result and how it would look great for you. But then again, you will need to learn how to grow a mustache and how to do a proper trimming.

The Handy Tips

So, what should you do when you want to learn about how to grow a mustache properly?

  • Be patient. Your facial hair won’t transform into a mustache within a day – it takes time and dedication. Not to mention that you should also factor in your genetic trait. Some people can grow the facial hair super fast while some don’t. It depends on your genetics, really. The best way is to be patient and wait.
  • Take supplements. Just like the hair, your mustache also needs extra care and nutrients. Have you ever considered taking vitamins and supplements to make your hair grow fast and healthy and shiny? You don’t want a mustache that is brittle and easily damaged, do you?
  • Trim it. Trimming your mustache is one of the best ways to keep your mustache look good so when it grows, there is a certain shape and contour about it. Some people even say that trimming the mustache will make it grow faster but there are different opinions about it. But all in all, trimming your facial face will result in a better and more finely shaped mustache.

There are also other useful tips to care and maintain your mustache – some of the people don’t even know that such tips exist.

  • You should invest your money in a good quality trimmer. Most men think that having a razor blade will be enough but having a trimmer would be a game changer. You don’t have to buy the extra expensive item; simply choose the good quality trimmer that won’t cost you more than $20. In learning how to grow a mustache, a trimmer can do a lot of things and be adjusted to various actions. It can cut the mustache in different length, protect the shape of the mustache, and such thing like that.
  • The perfect mustache is the one that is coming around your lips’ length with a few centimeters extra. You want to keep the area around and under your chin clean, as well as cleaning the area on the cheeks and around the mouth. This guidance, however, isn’t written on the stone so don’t stress out when you grow a little extra on those areas.
  • There are certain soap products, designed and dedicated for the mustache. These kinds of soaps are specially designed to clean the mustache as well as protecting it, cleaning it, and giving it a very nice and fresh smell.


Some Great Investments

It is pretty obvious that you should invest yourself on some of the good quality mustache products if you want to keep a healthy, good looking, and stylish mustache. You probably think that you don’t need them all. But remember, a good mustache is the end result of the dedication that you have put into the hard work of how to grow a mustache.

If you want to know how to grow a mustache, mind you that mustache supplements are real. You should spend some money buying a good trimmer, a mustache wax, a mustache supplement, and such thing alike. Your mustache will be the first thing people see when they meet you; it is only logical that you want it to be stylish and healthy, right?

As it was mentioned before, a good trimmer will do. A good scissors will also be handy because it can help a lot in the maintenance and care. A mustache wax can give you the desired shape and form. A mustache supplement (mostly in the oil-based products) will keep your facial hair healthy and shiny. Now that you know about how to grow a mustache properly, you need to make sure that you do it all right.


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